Stock Neon

by Also Also Also

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released July 22, 2016

Production, vocals, instrumentation: Eden Rohatensky

Associate Executive Producer: Mitchell Dyer

Special Thanks: Ryan Gantz, Geneviève St-Onge, Tyson McShane, Carl Jonson, Mike Dawson, John Cameron, Chris Dimas, Jon Neher, Sarah Etter, Amber Neal, Bethani Jade, Mason Pitzel, Patrick Earles, Yuri Victor, Amber Goodwyn, Sunny Adams, Rich Taylor, Marvin Chan, Marty Sliva, Brian Altano, Dylan Lathrop, Mike Drucker, Olivia Bestvater, Adam Logan, Stephanie Kuse, Hamza Aziz, Ethan Anderson, Mike Brown, Paul Bogdan, Morgan Ortman, Jaye Kovach, Alexa Ray Corriea <3




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Track Name: Waltz Between the Head and the Heart
I will get my money that’s the truth
I will find my honey and that’s you
I am known for hard work and it pays
I just really want you to stay

You are known for all of your good sense
I’ve never felt this was out of my hands
I have no time to make for love
But this was never really serious

It has to end (but it only just began)
La petite mort des amies amantes
Track Name: Dream
Remember that life that we once had planned
A house by a stream and a little minivan
And you’d grow a garden and I’d lend a hand
And in the evening we’d drink and watch our land

I’d run the town and you’d pick up the kids
I’d pick up the groceries, you’d dig a fire pit
And we’d build a fence and paint it every 5 years
But that’s not going to happen, is it dear?
Track Name: I Love Sex
Sorry if I seem
A little tired
I've been running hard all day
I get so caught up
In these wires and this modern sense of fame

Desensitize but none the wiser
From the way you speak to me
Feel desire getting higher
Just to have you next to me


I Love Sex
Track Name: Slayer
You think you have everything to lose
You risky it all to have a taste of truth
But I am hiding out in plainest view
I’m twice the risk than anything you do

Slayer, play the next move once
I’m on the other side of what was once called love
Don’t underestimate the damage I’ve done
‘Cause once you turn around, then I’ve finally won

You’re dead
You’re done
You’re gone,
I’ve won

I thought I had nothing at all to lose
I risked it all to have a taste of you
And now I’m naked to the world to see
How love is my only vulnerability

Slayer, play the next move once
I’m on the other side of what was once called love
Don’t underestimate the damage I’ve done
‘Cause once you turn around, then nobody’s won
Track Name: Bye Bye
Fuck me like the pornos
Baby what do I know?
I can only get so flexible

Choke me if you'd like to
I am only hear to
Pleasure you

Treat me like I really don't exist
Come inside and make your grand exist
Bye bye, ooh!
Treat me like I really don't exist
Fuck me, show me what this really is
Bye bye ooh!

Triple X
18 to look it
a real craving for the object you covet
Push me, pull me, and you will give me
A real reason to keep on deceiving!
Track Name: Better Whatever
Sad friends, in a room
Looking at the time on their phones
Then looking at their shoes

The afterlife is a place Where
I could always go if I want
To see a friendly face

I know,
I know,
I know better

A Better Whatever there is
What are your intentions?
Who is your God?

You make your choices out of fear
To be honest I’m surprised to see you here
Can’t escape the things that make you you
Oh you just keep on doing what you do
Track Name: Soldier
I never knew I’d hit so hard
In the driver’s seat of my brand new car
I never knew I’d fall so quick
When I pushed myself into the thick of it
Never knew I’d finally break
So I kept giving into the take take take
I never knew just how I’d win
Just don’t give up, they will give in

I never knew I’d hit so hard
Whiskey, weasing from the cigarettes I smoke
To fumble o’er my repetetive regrets
My flaws outweigh my intellect
And I’m losing it
Losing grasp of what it was
Of every cause and reason

I’m a soldier
I’m a soldier
I will win this war
and you when you come to stop me here
I’ll tell you
Track Name: Stock Neon
Stock Neon

The night it comes between us
In a city that’ll never quite redeem us
And there you are as you always were
Staring past the pain pretending you aren’t hurt

Listen I’m here to be your friend
Listen I know that this all pretend
Listen I know that this will end

But can we just stare out at
The Stock Neon

The night it seems to fool us
Tells us that we’ll be beyond what seems true to us

Listen I know this has to end
Listen I thought we’d still be friends
Listen I wish we could pretend
And keep staring still at the
Stock Neon
Track Name: Jealousy
Face to the form I am free to let you go
But I can’t imagine you outside my loving arms
So I don’t seem to say a thing
I’m terrified to talk about it
It’s catching up to me


The thought you with someone that looks just like me
Staring at the coffins of our decency
I get this sudden notion to try, try, try
But this devotion was a notion of lies


Une fois passé le point où l'amour aurait pu fait un différence
Je devrais oublier tous ces jours passés

Jalouse, jalouse, jalouse, c'est moi
Track Name: Yeoman
I couldn’t say
What it is you do that makes me feel this way
I couldn’t tell
That makes this world like hell

You’re so precious
I can sense that you just want to dance
This place ain’t spacious
But at least we can just pretend

Please notice me
Notice me
If you can

i am so damn into you
they way you look the way you move
i am so damn into you
the way you make me feel
at home
Track Name: Gratitude
Without you here
I’d be in the office every day at 7AM
Just to get ahead

Without you here
I’d never really find just exactly who I am
I’d just be grinding grinding grinding

Without you here
Without you here

All of it’s impossible without you

Without you I would be sad I would be lonely
I’d be fake and I’d be phoney
And I’d never see the better end of it all

Without you I would be very heavy hearted
As if my hope had departed
Along with every intention to get along
With everybody else
Track Name: Not In Love
are you amused?
are you amused?
by the way I look at you so soft and fair my saviour
always around me here

you wanna take me back to where we came
fucking me in a home with no name
that was when you didn’t see my hurt
the time it took for this lesson learned

i am not in love with you at all